Hair Extensions

Great Lengths Hair Extensions at Artwork Hair Hairdressers in Windsor

Exclusive to Windsor!
Great Lengths® 100% Natural Hair Extensions.

Cold Fusion with the only flat, no heat bonding system that doesn’t damage your hair. Whether you want to just add colour, volume or length. Also you may want to try our new La-Brasiliana keratin treatment to make your hair more manageable, smooths away the frizz and leaves your hair in a silky and smooth condition for up to 3 months.

All our stylists work is guaranteed to be of a high standard recognised by the Wella Hairdressing industry.

Balmain Hair Extensions in Windsor at Artwork Hair Salon

Balmain Hair Professional extensions are very affordable and number one position in the market for extensions.

Balmain hair extensions are quick and easy to apply and perfect for adding colour, length, volume and enhancing creativity.

Balmain hair is carefully selected and are 100% human hair, they are the only company that offer there clients a 6 month guarantee.

Stars like Beyonce, Madonna, Gwentth Paltrow and the Kardashions have been known to wear these hair extensions.